Goodreads Reader Marsinah Has Posted a Review

Published August 15, 2016


“5 Stars”

Listening to Ghosts, while not a light read, is a very interesting read. The recollections and stories presented within the work are written in an easy, friendly style that makes you feel as if you’re sitting at a table swapping tales with someone. A sense of self deprecating humor is often present as the author shares moments that may not always have been 100% flattering, but do show a life that has been very much lived. In the book, the author traces his beginnings from an “adventurous” childhood to his experiences and personal growth on and off base while enlisted in the US Navy. There are some very memorable moments recounted for us, some humorous, some poignant, and some nerve wracking. Perhaps it’s a sign that I spent too much of my life working with young children, but the episode involving a submarine being “decorated” by a whale leaves me wondering what kind of ribbing her crew might have received back in port at Key West over the incident.