Tucker’s Note

Published August 10, 2016

tuckers note

© 2015 Bob Stockton.

Arthur “Tucker” Soden died of congestive heart disease. Tucker was my mother’s friend and companion for the dozen or so years prior to his death in 1975. His death was the only time that I ever saw my mother cry.

At some point during his life something occured which profoundly affected Tucker. Whether it was his past divorce, his weak heart or his business reversals is not known to me. Among my mother’s possessions when she died in 1980 was this note writen by Tucker on a page torn from a telephone address book. I recently came across the note in a “catch-all” drawer in my kitchen and have carefully reconstructed Tucker’s thought from those faded and tattered pieces of the original. In his memory his note is presented here.


“Have you ever noticed how often fate will play the coward’s game; how sometimes she will lie in wait for a man until he is sailing along supremely confident in his thoughts for the future only to slip up behind him when he is least prepared and lay him by the heel with some sly trick in which he may not even recognize her hand for the instant? If you have not think upon it now. Watch for it the next time hard luck overtakes you. Or better still look back into the past and consider the blows which she has dealt you. Could you see her coming then? Can you see her coming now?”

“Of course you could not!”

Excerpted from “A Man Who Lost His Wife and Other Stories” by Bob Stockton